Some Ideas That You Might Want To Incorporate Into Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to go and relax.  We can think on the toilet, relax in a hot tub of soapy water or just allow the shower to rain down on us melting our stress away.  For many, bathroom ideas in denver co can come far and few between.  Most people will simply accent the bathroom with some towels and fancy soaps.  For those that are really adventurous here are some ideas you may find interesting.

Glass block walls

Instead of having a solid wall dividing parts of your bathroom, consider creating some glass block walls.  These glass blocks can be frosted or have a shattered pattern within them that distorts the view of the person on the other side.  This can be great for privacy as well as visual appeal.

Random colored tile

bathroom ideas in denver co

Another great idea is to have some random colored tile.  You can have this tile spread out all over the bathroom in different areas.  This tile can have a unique pattern, color or design.  As you place these tiles about your bathroom, they will add a visual interest to the rom and will give people pause as to why they are there and where they all are.

Scented soaps and candles

For a little added aromatherapy action consider scented soaps, candles, lotions and other items that will help with the relaxation process.  Lavender is a great scent to have in the bathroom as well as added to towels and pillowcases.  This scent has been determined to help you sleep and relax.


Have as much natural light as you can in your bathroom.  This can be difficult due to privacy concerns, however, if you are in the back of the house or on the second floor, you may be able to get away with larger windows or a window that you can open when you are using the bathroom.